What is Report Automation?

Report automation automatically refreshes reports in defined intervals and delivers them to specific places (e.g. email addresses or for view on an online tool). It removes the need for someone to process the reports because it becomes systemised and automatic by way of a software system.

Report automation typically works through APIs to fetch data from various platforms and integrates it into the software’s system. Most automated tools also include the option to add notes, comments, customisable email messages and more so that the automated report can be given context and delivered to the right people, at the right time.

Report automation has multiple benefits, including: saving time, viewing robust data from various sources in a single place, enhancing the accuracy of information and providing you with more time to analyse the data rather than collecting data.

This last benefit is key as many businesses waste valuable time collecting and reporting data, rather than analysing it, to use for actionable insight.


  • Increased Organisation - All information will be accessible in one place and for all intended parties to view.
  • Efficiency - Automation allows for more reports to be produced in less time.
  • Better Reporting - Because automation software can pull data from various sources, analytics are more robust.
  • Less Human Resources - Automation software can eliminate the need for programmers.
  • Less Errors - Less manual work and data entry results in less human error.
  • Remove Mundane Tasks - Potentially increase employee satisfaction by removing the mundane and repetitive task of pulling and compiling reports.
  • Improved Analysis - When reports are automatically generated, you can analyse data more frequently and gain better insight to enhance your business practices.
  • Prioritise Time/Increase Resources - Cut the noise surrounding report pulling and devote time and human resources to doing the jobs that only people can do - e.g. customer communication.
  • Improved Compliance - When reports are automatically generated and can be set up to be delivered to wherever they must go, compliance becomes easier and routine.
  • Multi-Faceted Use - Reports, data and actionable insights are no longer siloed or hard to spread around the organisation. Teams like sales, marketing, finance, customer service, manufacturing, HR, and customers can all reap the benefits

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